Progress on reshaping my port

A month ago, I announced plans for this year’s challenge on FI. I do these challenges to help me stretch my thinking a bit, and also to keep me interested in the product. As it’s been a while, I thought it was time to update you on what I’ve been up to since then.

I’ll be honest, the reshaping is taking a lot longer than I expected. The advent of the Matching Engine has put a spanner in the works when it comes to reshaping my current port. I can buy players with no issue, often at a tasty discount, but it’s proving hard to shift my existing players, unless I swallow a pretty high loss on IS. Hopefully things will more more quickly as the other leagues start to return to action.

I’ve currently got 27 players in my port but 18 of those are in the sell queue. I’ve got a fair amount of reshaping to do yet but I’ll share with you some of the players that I’ve got in the port so far:

From my own gut-feeling/research:

  • Haaland – I feel he’s going to be a big MB-pull for a long time to come. His PB scores aren’t great but there’s so much more going for him, including his age, and I’m sure there will be an EPL transfer in there eventually. I’ve picked him up for £8.10.
  • Gnabry – I’ve got a good feeling about him too. His PB returns are a bit sporadic but that’s better than posting high averages. He’s got a lot going for him – plays for a top team, listed as a forward, age on his side. I’ve picked him up for £4.77, possibly a little over the odds looking at his current price.
  • Coutinho – this is a risky move but I’m sure he’ll secure a decent transfer this summer. I can’t see him going back to Liverpool but somewhere like Arsenal wouldn’t shock me and even Newcastle would lead to some decent MB in the short term. I’ve picked him up for £2.98.
  • Oscar Rodriguez – I’ve admired this guy for a while. He’s done well at Leganes this season and Real Madrid will send him out again next season, hopefully to another club where he can shine. Only 21, definitely undervalued. I’ve picked him up for £1.45.

Sourced via the wisdom of crowds:

  • Diogo Jota – being tipped a lot on Twitter recently. Wolves have some decent fixtures and are an improving side. His PB scores have been good and he’s the right age and in the right position (forward). I’ve picked him up for £2.72.
  • Jonathan David – bit of a risky one as he’s not in a PB league and doesn’t have any Euros prospects. Looks good for a summer transfer though and he’s riding the current youth-wave so could be easier to sell on and on that basis he’s worth a punt. I’ve picked him up for £2.62.

I haven’t added any ‘tipped’ players yet. I think this will have to come last and will really rely on finding someone who can give a steer on when to sell, as well as when to buy, as that’s arguably the most important thing to consider now – and much tougher since the Matching Engine came in.

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