About me


I’ve been trading on Football Index (FI) since August 2017. I’ve had a decent amount of success and made some good money from FI but I’m definitely not in the top 10% of successful traders on the platform – there are plenty better at this than me!

I tend to take fairly long positions to minimise commission, and I don’t have time to monitor the platform 24/7. I thought forcing myself to undertake some trading challenges might be a way to stretch my trading style a bit and hopefully we all learn something along the way.

I’m also an early adopter of Footstock (from the Indiegogo launch phase) and I’m testing the waters at Sportstack, Sorare, FiveYards and FanTeam. I’m heavily into FPL too, with two finishes in the top 10,000.

You can find me on IndexGain and on twitter as @Football_MDJ


Football Index is the ultimate ‘disruptor’ in the world of gambling. You can try it risk-free for 7 days, with a bonus £10 if you follow this link: https://trade.footballindex.co.uk/raf/?tag=83226&name=MDJ (enter the code 83226 on the sign up form where prompted)