About me


NFTs and football are my two main interests. Football first, and NFTs as a recent addition.

I’m an Ambassador for Sorare, an exciting new digital NFT collectables and fantasy football site. Please note that I’m an affiliate for Sorare so articles relating to this platform may contain affiliate links through which I may earn a small commission.

Before spreading my wings in the NFT metaverse, I was a user of various Football alt-betting platforms. I started with Football Index in August 2017. I had a decent amount of success and made some good money from FI but largely pulled out before the platform collapsed in March 2021. I was also involved in Footstock, SportStack and FiveYards – three other alt-betting platforms that closed. I’m heavily into FPL and FanTeam too.

You can find me on various Slack and Discord channels as MDJ, and on twitter as @Football_MDJ