Footstock side challenge

Next season I’m planning to run a small side challenge on Footstock alongside my main Football Index challenge.

One of the biggest questions I have about the platform around it’s long-term sustainability is how it can continue to attract new users when the financial barrier to entry gets ever higher. Bruno Fernandes is currently trading at over £200 and there are other cards trading around the £100 mark. How can a new users even begin to compete on a small budget?

I’ve heard some people say they’ve started with just a few pounds but managed to trade their way up to an ROI of 1000% or more – can this really be true?

I’m going to start with just £100. I’ll spend half of this on packs and use the remaining money to buy a few extra cards that I think have potential to grow in value. With a combination of flipping and free tournament entries, I’ll do my best to grow that £100 over the season into a respectable ROI.

Watch this space to see how I manage to get on.

Curious about Footstock? Imagine FPL and FUT had a baby and you’re on the right track! Have a go for yourself – sign up via this link: to start with 50 bonus player cards and £25 in tournament coupons.