Last year

the challenge

Worried I was getting a bit stuck in my ways, and conscious that the trends on Football Index change quickly, I thought I’d test out some different trading styles for the 2019/20 season.

The plan was this – £10,000 split equally over 3 distinct ‘funds’. The funds were:

‘Premium’: over £4, nailed on for media buzz (MB) and good performance buzz (PB) potential. This is a fairly static, medium risk, low maintenance fund, with limited potential of capital appreciation (CA) but likely to benefit from regular dividends.

‘Performance’: established players below £2.50 (generally) with excellent PB history and in-play dividends (IPDs) potential. This is a low risk, higher maintenance fund as some will need to be regularly turned over for IPDs.

‘Potential’: players who offer perceived value as youth prospects, because they are in a non-PB league or because they are coming out of long-term injuries. This is a higher risk, medium maintenance fund based on CA potential only – any dividends are a bonus.

The selections for each fund were part crowd-sourced on twitter, along with a bit of data crunching and a sprinkling of gut feeling.

See how I got on and what I learnt