Team reveal: FanTeam £1 million game

It’s the eve of the start of the Premier League season which can only mean one thing – time to get your FanTeam team sorted!

If you’ve not heard of FanTeam, imagine FPL but with actual prizes – and big ones too. I did a short review of the platform on an earlier blog.

The season-long game has a £1m prize pool this year with £200,000 to the winner. Life-changing money. Entry is £20 per team and you’ll at least double your money if you manage to finish in the top 5,000. To put that in context, there are currently around 15,000 entries and I’d expect to double by the time entries close (there is a late registration option up until the gameweek four deadline). So it’s a challenge but it’s more than doable if you know your football.

Anyhow, I’ve agonised over my team for a few weeks and the one below is the one I’ve eventually settled on. My plan is to have a couple of late entry teams as well, so this is just team number one of three.

There aren’t too many surprises in here. Some players pick themselves – Shaw, Alexander-Arnold, Salah, Son, Ings, Toney – all too good to ignore. Then there are those that have delivered for me in the past, like Coufal, Jota and Antonio.

The challenge is how to fill the remaining spots. Everyone is looking for something that isn’t quite the template team – different enough to give you an edge without being too risky. I’ve included some differentials in my team and you can read my thoughts on some of those in these recent FanTeam Focus blogs:

It’ll be interesting to see how well some of the more left-field picks do in the opening games and how different my late registration teams are from the one above (late entries start on 95% of the average score which is pretty decent). I’d also love to know what you think about my team and who you think I might have overlooked!

Getting the most out of FanTeam this season

If you are playing FanTeam this year, whether as a seasoned regular or for the first time, I’d strongly advise you keep an eye on what the guys at FanTeam Focus are up to. Not only are they putting out regular blogs, videos and podcasts but they’ve got a unique contest running through the season with a £1,000 prize to the top entry. The only catch is that you have to refer a friend to gain access. All the info on that is here: EPL Leaderboard contest.

I really enjoyed the Leaderboard contest they ran during the Euros and this one looks even better so do take a look and join if you can.

Other than that, it’s worth saying that FanTeam isn’t just about the season-long game. Unlike FPL, there are tournaments to get involved with happening all the time. Obviously it’s a gambling platform so only ever play with what you can afford to lose, but if you’re looking for something to ‘scratch the itch’ every now and then, you may find it more fun (and more rewarding) than spunking all your money on an acca that has no chance of coming in.

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