Week 37 – Pjanic selling

Eughh what a week! Many traders seem to be finding the Index tough going at the moment. We’re at that stage of the season where experienced traders are looking to the next trend around the corner, and in some cases the trend somewhere beyond that. This is leading to some slightly counter-intuitive price rises and falls e.g.: players performing well but still dropping. This can lead to confusion for new traders and breed frustration and panic selling/buying.

Times like this lead me to question whether FI can ever truly go ‘mainstream’. A lot of the current advertising push is designed to attract a more casual gambler, the ‘weekend acca’ type. I would guess that the thrill for these types of gamblers is having some ‘skin in the game’ so I can see a real difficulty keeping them engaged when the better strategy is to sell players before they actual play and trade for the trends several weeks or months ahead.

Super Match Day Dividends haven’t done enough (in my opinion) to change this. In Play Dividends are helpful but need to be raised to keep pace with the market and would benefit hugely from push notifications when your player scores or assists. Tiered PB would do a lot to encourage traders to keep hold of players with a good chance of performing on the pitch (but that is presumably why they’ve ruled this out).

Hopefully FI are looking into all of this, alongside all the NASDAQ stuff. Regardless, we have to take the rough with the smooth and no credible market can be rising all the time.

My Premium holds had another poor week, with small drops across the board, and finished £42 down.

De Bruyne was agonisingly close to sneaking PB in the week and I do think he’s value at this current price. Neymar could do with putting in a good performance against Bordeaux tonight to close the gap to Sancho.

The Performance holds suffered from the changing trends. I’m trying to clear out some dead holds at the moment but left things too late to easily market sell. If you hold too long and miss the point where the player is still rising in value, it can be incredibly hard to sell to market. Lesson learnt.

I managed to sell Havertz on the rise for a £63 profit but had to IS Parejo (£22 profit), Pjanic (£82 loss) and Dabbur (£24 loss). I know there was an argument to hold Parejo and Pjanic as they’d probably reached their floor prices but I wanted to cut my losses and try to move that money into better holds. Time will tell if that was the right decision but I’ve started by investing in Rodrigo Moreno at Valencia. Not a particularly fashionable hold and currently out injured but has the back stop of the Euros with Spain to support his price.

Uth was the star performer of the week, again, and has to be one of my favourite holds of the season. I’ve increased my number of shares in him as I still think he’s got loads of room to grow. I also topped up on Milik and Rebic. I have some other players up for sale and intend to have a bit of a reorganisation over the next few weeks.

Ignoring the money lost on sales, the fund finished the week up a fraction (£24).

The Potential Fund had a very poor week, dropping £83. Djenepo had been in the queue for a week and sold for a loss of £27 – and then immediately turned in a great performance on Saturday against Aston Villa, leaving me ruing that decision. The difficulty with selling youth/speculative holds is that you never quite know when their moment will come so perhaps this fund is better set up for the long term.

That type of thinking leaves me feeling relatively comfortable continuing to hold Rodrygo, Kluivert, Cherki and Aouchiche through their current drops. The drop on Alena bothers me more, and he’s currently in my sell queue for that reason, as I’m not sure where he goes from here.

Oblyakov continued his rise during the week, for no obvious reason other than ‘sentiment’. Edouard, Bergwijn and Gallagher caught some nice rises too and I topped up on Bergwijn with the news of Son being out for a while as I thought that might help him to cement his place in the Spurs team.

As with the Performance Fund, I do have some players up for sale at the moment as I would like to consolidate things a little.

So that’s the end of a poor week – and a pretty poor month so far to be honest. I’ve got money in the bank so do shout up if you think I’m missing some obvious picks. The full breakdown of my current holds can be found on the separate fund pages as always.

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