Week 34 – supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Another quiet week at FI towers – an IPO disaster, an Adam Cole Q&A and the launch of a new (temporary?) dividend mechanic, the Super Match Day Dividends. I don’t know about you but I’ve been wondering about the decision making processes at FI HQ lately.

I won’t go over old ground here but as far as IPOs go, well I simply don’t understand why FI continue to release them, knowing the tech can’t cope with it. Still, as long as they do, I’ll continue to try to profit from them so welcome to the port Adil Aouchiche (I flipped some for profit of around £90 and kept the remaining 150 because he’s clearly a baller).

As for the Super Match Day Dividends – there’s the kernel of a good idea here but it’s been buried under indecipherable terms and conditions again. Disappointing. I’m also slightly concerned that FI may have launched this believing that it would boost the big PB holds in the £2+ market, when actually it’s just concentrated more value in the bargain basement. Anyway, it’s a trial so let’s see what traders make of it over the next month and hopefully FI will take some of the constructive feedback on board for the future.

Here’s my (not so) constructive feedback on it all, if you haven’t already seen it:

Anyway, back to the port.

It’s been a green week all round. Leading the way was the Performance fund, finishing the week £119 up. Money has been flowing into PB players since the announcement of the Super Match Day dividends and February looks a good month for some teams to rack up some good scores (I like the look of Lyon, Sevilla and Frankfurt in particular, with Leganes, Wolfsburg, Inter and Roma also well worth a look).

The biggest rises were on Kostic, Pellegrini and Immobile – all solid PB holds with decent fixtures ahead of them. Even Pellegrini’s red card doesn’t seem to have caused much of a dip, such is the confidence that traders have in him at the moment.

Off-trend holds continue to leak money on a weekly basis – Pjanic and Sabitzer in particular – although there was a slight increase on Parejo so it looks like he’s hit his floor price now. I really need to make a decision about whether to hold or cut some of these from the fund but I’m wary of selling up just before they start to rise again.

I’m starting to wonder if Dabbur was worth the punt after three pretty poor games in a row at his new club. I lost patience with Xhaka and sold him at a break-even point, having already spent the money on Uth last week.

The Premium fund did well too, £95 up over the week, which was almost entirely due to Neymar. I said a few weeks ago that I thought he was bubbling under and, 8 consecutive +200 PB scores later, he certainly looks like he’s heading for £9.

He’s obviously not the smartest buy for these new Super Match Day Dividends alone but his ability to compete for every Gold match day (as long as he’s fit) makes him a valuable hold and I’m surprised that only 5,507 traders have him in their portfolio. With one star man win on Sunday evening, he made nearly a 2% return against his price – not bad at all.

The Potential fund finished £93 up but it was a real mixed bag with some unexpected rises, the IPOs and some dips too. Bergwijn joining Spurs and Berge joining Sheffield United were both shock moves for me and both saw some tasty rises as a result. I’m keen to see how Bergwijn performs at Spurs but I don’t really fancy holding Berge at Sheffield United so he’s in my queue. No chance of an IS there as FI have slapped an absolutely massive spread on him.

The other ballers of the week were Aouchiche (IPO), Sergio Gomez (not really sure why he’s rising) and Benrahma (his hat-trick helping Brentford climb the table).

At the other end, Cherki’s price dropped back a bit after one poor game, as did Alena, Morlanes, Blas and Gravenberch. There’s a lot of volatility around these players – they get hyped up and rise but can quickly drop back again off the back of a bad game or two.

That’s where things are now. If you haven’t already seen it, I’ve also done a post covering the progress of the funds against the market as a whole – you check that out via this link.

You can visit the individual fund pages if you want to see exactly who I hold. Feedback and tips are always appreciated too!

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