Week 26 – getting hammered

Yesterday morning I recorded a podcast with Irish FI, while I was somewhat hungover after two heavy nights in a row. Thank you to those who sent questions in – I hope I’ve done them justice, despite my slightly fragile state.

Talking of getting hammered, this week was another tough week for most of us on the Index, with PB players getting hit especially hard. I expected this time of year to be hard going so I’m choosing to mostly do nothing, rather than panic and stress about it. The FI Christmas Giveaway is a great idea, and I’m certainly making sure I enter daily, but that alone isn’t enough to wake the market from its current state of hibernation.

The Premium end players continue to be painfully static, finishing the week down by around £15. It was a good week for Sancho, with an excellent performance against Fortuna Dusseldorf giving him a rare PB win. The rumours of him making a return to England continue to build around him, which should be enough to push him up even higher in the near future (first £10 player after the share split?).

Hudson-Odoi continued his slide, and now sits on a 22% loss for me. Is he value now? It’s a tough question. On the one hand, there’s definitely better value elsewhere in the short term but, looking longer term, I struggle to see a scenario where he doesn’t either nail down his place in the Chelsea first team or agitate for a move to another club. He’s looking low on confidence but has shown some signs of what he can do so I’m continuing to hold for now.

Several of my Performance holds were absolutely shafted in the week, and the fund as a whole finished down by £124 (around 2.4%). The main culprits were Jorginho, Xhaka and Pjanic. There’s always a reason you can point to – concern about Jorginho being benched for the second game in a row, Xhaka being out of the MB spotlight at the moment and Pjanic potentially losing corner duties. Despite that, they all still look like value to me in the light of the recent dividend increases so I don’t feel the need to ditch them yet.

I sold Berardi this week for a small profit. This was something I’d always planned to do when he returned from injury, simply because I don’t think his fixtures justify holding onto him in the long term. At this point in the season, I want to focus this fund on holding players who have CL/EL games coming up to maximise my chance of winning dividends.

The only ray of sunshine in this fund was Depay, winning yet another set of PB dividends for me, including picking up Star Man. He’s an absolute ‘must hold’ in my opinion, although I did take the opportunity to slightly reduce my holding in him, just in case he’s starting to overheat a bit. Depay finished just ahead of Kostic, who I also hold and who managed to drop in value despite being the PB winner in the midfield category. Strange times.

A slightly different situation in the Potentials fund. My young guns managed to turn a small profit of £46 over the week, with Oscar Rodriguez, Kulusevski and Alena the standout performers. Kulusevski is looking likely to be the subject of January transfer gossip with several EPL clubs apparently jostling for his signature. Alena may look to leave Barcelona on loan too as he seems unlikely to secure a place in the team, although he did at least get some minutes this week (the first time since August). Rodriguez narrowly missed out on PB today – a bit unexpected after his recent form but it’s a rise and I’ll take it!

I added Djenepo into the fund as a knee-jerk reaction after watching him play the other day – there’s no doubt that he passes the eye test. I don’t have many EPL players so I wanted to add some ready for the winter break. I’m not 100% sure he was the best option I could’ve picked as his PB scores aren’t that good and he’s only just moved to Southampton, so he might be a 30 day hold only… let’s wait and see.

And that’s that for now. The full breakdown of my funds can be found on the separate fund pages as always. Overall, it’s hard not to be frustrated when you feel like you’re treading water all the time and supposedly good holds are getting hammered. Perhaps the lesson here is that it might be better to sell up your whole port in mid-November and then just sit things out for a few weeks before buying in when prices are at their lowest point? Maybe next year.

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