Week 24 – healthy competition

Another week where I’ve largely been treading water on the Index, with rises in one part of the portfolio being balanced out by drops elsewhere.

It was similarly slow going this time last year, with traders waiting for something to move the market while simultaneously taking money out to pay for Christmas. FI are evidently aware of this as we’ve already been teased with some tasty IPOs (if you can be bothered with that sort of thing) and also a twelve rocket twitter post, the meaning of which is as yet unexplained…

Of course the difference this year is that FI are also having to maintain our attention against the backdrop of a slick new competitor entering the market – SportStack. I may do a separate, longer post on this at another point in time but what I will say is that while this feels like quite a different beast at the moment (more akin to the Betfair Exchange), they definitely have FI’s customers in their sights as they are already talking about season-long markets.

So we have a bit of healthy competition! This could be a good thing if it helps to keep Adam Cole and the team on their toes and drives them to accelerate the planned improvements to the Index. Or it could prove to be a massive distraction and draw people away from FI. Or it could be neither of these – only time will tell.

So back to FI… the best performing fund this week was the Potentials, finishing £63 up, driven by big rises to Kulusevski, Berge and Stengs – with Stengs also hitting a Silver Day dividend. I’ve taken the opportunity to top up a little on Kulusevski with his form looking good and transfer rumours starting to develop. I’ve also added a bit more into Rodrygo and Gallagher as I gradually want to reduce the size of this fund and increase my shares in the best performers.

Having said that, I have added another name into the pot – Dennis Geiger. Hoffenheim have some decent fixtures coming up so I thought he was worth a punt as he’s a fair bit below his highest price at the moment.

No big drops in the Potentials fund this week, just the continued slow drip on those youngsters who are currently out of favour or not hitting PB scores.

The biggest single player drop of the week was in the Premium fund – on Hudson-Odoi, whose price collapsed by 8% over the week. He now sits at 19% under the purchase price – pretty painful. I ran a poll on Twitter during the week to gauge public opinion on whether I should cut him from my portfolio or give him another chance. Just like Brexit, this came back a decisive (!) 52% in favour of keeping him. On that rather shaky evidence, he gets to stay for now at least.

Despite that, the Premiums did finish the week in profit by £54, almost entirely due to the increased interest in Harry Kane now that Mourinho is at Tottenham. Small returns overall but I’ll take it.

The Performance fund took a small dip over the week, finishing £47 down in the end. The huge payouts on offer for Silver and Gold day wins means that traders are quick to cut anyone who isn’t performing, and equally quick to buy into players who win, making this area of the market pretty volatile.

Winners of the week were Jorginho and Xhaka, with Parejo and Sabitzer seeing the biggest drops amidst all that volatility.

I’d decided that this would be the week that I cut some players who I’d mainly bought for their international appeal – Wijnaldum, Gundogan and Lewandoswki. This was particularly painful with Wijnaldum who went on to score a hat-trick and win Star Man straight after a pressed the sell button. Ah well. I also cut Orsolini because his fixtures are stiffening up a bit. I really rate him as a hold so this was a head over heart decision and I’m sure I’ll be buying back into him soon enough.

I reinvested the money in PB holds who I think still have some value – topping up Pjanic, Jorginho, Arthur, Kostic and Coman, and buying into Gnabry based on his form and fixtures.

That’s all for now. The full breakdown of my funds can be found on the separate fund pages as always. Happy trading!

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