Week 20 – contrasting fortunes

Overall, this was another reasonable week for me on the Index with a total profit for the week of over £200, or a respectable 1.5%. But that doesn’t tell the whole story.

I’ve had a busy week at work but one of the joys of FI is that you can put as much or as little time into it as you want. I keep my portfolio fairly ‘set and forget’ as I know that life will often get in the way and I don’t want to be worrying about needing to buy or sell players ‘on the hoof’. This has been one of those weeks where I’ve had to sit on my hands when I’ve seen players suddenly dropping or rising as I’ve not had the time to react properly. All of which has made me think again about setting stop loss points more robustly, but that’s something for another day.

Back to this week. There has been a stark contrast between the fortunes of the three funds, continuing the trend set last week. It’s also a pretty brutal trading environment right now with traders reshuffling portfolios ahead of 1st Nov and seemingly quite willing to dump large numbers of futures off the back of one poor performance.

So, starting with the negatives, the Potential fund had an absolute stinker with falls across the board. The biggest drops over the week were Sergio Gomez, Hagi, Kluivert, Berge, Osimhen and Bergwijn.

The Gomez, Hagi, Berge and Bergwijn drops are presumably price corrections as none of these play in a PB league, which will be a concern for many traders at the moment. Kluivert got a red card last time out and Osimhen an injury, so those drops make sense too.

It’s difficult to find a standout performers this week but Tonali’s price ticked up a little after a rather fantastic cross cum shot started doing the rounds on twitter. Yes, I’m sure he didn’t mean it either but I still love that boy!

All in all, the fund finished a whopping £116 down for the week. Bad times.

The Premiums fared slightly better, finishing the week £19 up, largely due to some divs from Sterling, Mbappe and Kane over the international break. Sterling caught a nice price rise off the back of his outstanding performances too.

All of these players are moving out of their IPD range now so they really need to start bringing in more divs and some CA to keep this fund ticking over.

Saving the week was the Performance fund (again). These guys banked some serious divs an CA over the week, finishing £310 up. Nice!

Stars of the week were Sabitzer and Gundogan, with traders waking up to the potential of both of them. They are two good examples of the ‘triple threat’ player that many traders are currently building their portfolios around – PB-friendly in a PB league, playing in a European competition, Euros.

Only one significant faller over the week – Calleri. Quite honestly, he was a bit of a punt – and only 56p when I picked him up. Espanyol had good fixtures ahead (including Europa League) and he’s playing as a forward so always has the opportunity to pick up IPDs. Of course he was injured straight after I bought him… and has only just come back into the team. I think I’ll hold a bit longer at that price as you never know how things might quickly turn around.

So what next? Right now I’m finding it hard to hang onto the Premium and Potential funds when I know that my money could work harder for me in Performance holds. I also know that this is just a trend and things will change around again, I just need to make sure I’m on the right holds at the right time. With most of my IPDs expiring and the new matrix about to hit, now might be a good time to do some more research.

The full breakdown can be found on the separate fund pages. Comments (and help with my research) are always welcome. Happy trading!

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