Week 10 – review of premium holds

10 weeks into the challenge, I thought it would make sense to go through each hold and explain why I’m holding them. First up – the Premiums.

Messi – the GOAT in real life and also in FI terms. I’m expecting dividends to roll in once he starts for Barcelona but I’ve cut my holding to 100, given the risk of him becoming a depreciating asset because of his age. If he gets a price bump in the autumn, I might look to reduce my holding further.

Pogba – AKA Pogbuzz. Not the safest hold, and his price bounces around a bit, but he does bring in the dividends. Got the Euros ahead but also the possibility of a transfer out of the EPL. Hold 140 at the moment but I have some in the sell queue to reduce the risk a little..

Sancho – English rising star. One of the most on-form, exciting players in the Bundesliga and the speculation that he’ll move back to the EPL next year has already started. Needs to return dividends at some point but his age means I’m happy to hold for the long term.

Mbappe – best young player in the world. Struggles to have enough involvement in the game to score well for PB but that could change as he matures. Starting to get a little MB due to him asserting himself at PSG. With the Euros ahead, he’s a safe, long-term hold.

Neymar – new addition to the port. When he’s priced dropped to the £7 mark, I couldn’t resist buying in. Looks likely to stay at PSG for another season now so PB likely, as well as ongoing MB from his transfer saga. I’m in for 65 (paid for by selling Messi and Pogba futures).

Sterling – going from strength to strength at the moment. PB scores are improving and gets more MB than anyone else in the City squad. Needs to find the safe form for England – if he does, he could light up the Euros. A good, safe hold.

This fund had a belting week last week and now sits around 17.6% up after 10 weeks – see the full breakdown here.

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