Week 7 – more ups and downs

With time ticking down until the transfer window closes, the rumours have gathered pace. None of my funds are particularly set up with transfer targets in mind and this has made for a pretty flat week over all, with small drops and rises mostly balancing themselves out.

Transfer trading isn’t for the faint-hearted as things can change in the blink of an eye. Last night, Gareth Bale dropped like a stone as traders came to the conclusion he was going to head to China for an early retirement. And now, as I write this, I’m watching Bruno Fernandes shoot up in price as the deal to Man United is apparently just about concluded. It’s high risk stuff and difficult to do unless you know you can be the first to hear any news – which can be difficult when you work full time.

My funds are set up with next season in mind but as we’re on the brink of a an announcement from FI, which will include their upcoming changes to the PB matrix, I decided to sell a handful of players to raise a bit of money so that I can respond to whatever is announced.

Cut from the Performance Fund were Cafaro and Savanier. I think Cafaro has probably reached a bit of a ceiling for now based on his performance last year and I was happy to sell him at 48% up on his buy price.

I took a small loss on Savanier on the rather sketchy news of an injury in a pre-season game. Selling an injured player is often the wrong move but on this occasion I felt I could probably make the money work harder for me elsewhere, even if it turns out that he’s out for a matter of weeks rather than months.

From the Potential Fund, Ampadu, Maier and Sangare all got the chop. I felt these players had all reached their ceiling for now and I want to turn my attention to more attacking assets as defensive midfielders don’t tend to fit the PB matrix that well.

One newcomer to the Potentials – Norwegian wonderkid, Martin Odegaard. He’s been on my shortlist for a while and a good pre-season showing has convinced me that he’ll hit the ground running at Real Sociedad.

The biggest riser of the week was Cuisance, who is steadily building up to be one of next season’s hottest prospects. His 24% rise over the last 7 days was a big contributor to the Potential fund being the best performing fund of the week.

It was also a good week for Premium assets, Sancho and Mbappe, with traders clearly believing they’ll benefit from any PB matrix changes. These are two very solid, long-term holds, with very little downside as far as I can see.

The biggest faller was Pogba, who continues to yo-yo his way through the summer with his on-off transfer stories. His dip was so large that it cancelled out the rises to Sancho and Mbappe and the Premium fund ended the week slightly in the red. Also letting the side down was Cunha, who was on the wrong end of a price correction after overheating a little in price last week. 

If you want to see more detail, I’ve updated the pages for each fund with the current profit/loss figures. I’ve got a bit of money in the bank for next week so hit me up with any suggested buys and I’ll add them to my shortlist.

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