Week 5 – waiting for action

This week felt like the first really flat week for a while. Without any ‘proper’ games and without the stimulus provided by the recent deposit bonus, I think a lot of traders have mainly sat on their hands this week – and I chose to do the same. Having said that, a 1% rise in one week is still pretty impressive – perhaps we’ve just been a bit spoilt in recent months?!

For the first time since I began this site, the Premium holds stole the show – or Pogba did at least. The French enigma hogged the MB and saw a decent price gain too, giving him a rise equivalent to 8% in one week. He’s probably the most volatile asset on the platform but if he stays where he is, he’s a no-brainer for me.

The other funds were mixed bags – both finished the week slightly up but with many players flat-lining or dropping off slightly.

In the Performance fund, the stars were Havertz and Rashica. Both are young players (20 and 23) so have plenty of potential for capital appreciation on top of performance dividends. I can’t see any particular reason for their rises so it may just be a case of traders starting to position themselves for PB and IPD next season – a theory that would seem to be supported by the fact that there were no big drops across this fund during the week.

In the Potential fund, the pre-season friendlies began to have an impact. Conor Gallagher got a nice boost from his involvement in the Chelsea team, as did Ethan Ampadu but I was left wishing that I’d bought into some other Chelsea youngsters, as I sat watching most of them get a hefty boost. There are obviously pros and cons to holding youngsters who might not ever get a game for the first team but there was definitely a decent opportunity for a quick flip last week – and a lesson learned for next time.

Again, no big drops across this fund but a slightly disappointing week for Mattheus Cunha and Ismaila Sarr. Cunha’s price drop comes as it looks increasingly likely that Werner will stay at RB Leipzig for another year so it’s difficult to see where he’ll pick up any additional minutes. I’m holding firm for now as I think there’s enough talent there for him to spike if he does get a good run of games in the team.

With Sarr, I suspect I bought in a little high, very close to his ceiling price. Senegal are still in the running for the African Cup of Nations so he could still get a nice rise in the short term. I also think he’s set for a huge season next year so I’m going to continue to hold for now.

As always, I’ve updated the pages for each fund with the current profit/loss figures. I’d be really interested to hear anyone’s thoughts on who I should be topping up or who might need to be cut from my portfolio at this point.

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