Premium players – week 2 update

No changes to personnel in this port – these are all long term holds.

Sancho was by far the best performer this week, increasing his value by £27. Despite that, he’s still sitting at roughly a break-even point if I was to sell to market today.

Mbappe remains the best trade overall and even managed to net some unexpected dividends during the week – hopefully a sign of things to come?

Rumours of Pogba leaving the EPL saw his value drop significantly (roughly 4%) and even a huge dividend haul during the week (£22.40) couldn’t stop the rot, with him finishing on a yield of -£45.56 if I sold to market today.

Overall, the port is up £22.44 this week but is still sitting at a loss of £48.22 – not great…

You can see the updated progress so far on the Premium assets page.

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